Develop effective recruiting and retention strategies to address the part-time seasonal staffing needs. The strategies should be focused on attracting and motivating high school and college students to work for HERSHEYPARK through the end of the season (up to and including Labor Day and weekends thereafter).

Background Information:

HERSHEYPARK entertainment complex is one of the top amusement attractions in America, as ranked by annual attendance figures. Exciting shows, top name entertainment, ZOO AMERICA North American Wildlife Park, and more than 60 thrilling rides provide just a taste of the unique quality HERSHEYPARK has to offer.

Each year approximately 3000 + people find employment with HERSHEYPARK. On average, about half of our employees return and work for us the following season. We offer excellent "employee perks," which include free admission to the park, free guest passes, employee parties and newsletter(s), incentive programs, a referral program, a scholarship program, discounts on merchandise, and free, laundered uniforms. In the past, we have conducted on-site job fairs, ran radio and newspaper ads, implemented a referral program, implemented two bus programs and implemented a jobline (520-JOBS).


We are challenged annually to fill the openings with qualified applicants. With employers competing for the same workforce and the unemployment rate at an all-time low, it has gotten harder and harder to recruit and retain good employees. We would like to find and implement creative techniques that will motivate more of our employees to work once school starts. We lose employees who are involved in clubs, sports and other school activities before the end of the season. Secondly, we would like to also increase the number of returning employees year after year. In addition, we would like to find and implement new and innovative techniques to attract new applicants. Your solution should be cost effective and relatively easy to implement.

Oral Presentation:

If you are selected to give an oral presentation for this problem, the presentation will be held at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Corporation in Hershey, PA.  You will be given directions and notified of the exact date ad time later.

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