A team from Palmyra High School placed first in Hershey Foods Corporation's Problem #1, which challenged teams to develop a cost-efficient way to ship chocolate in hot weather.

Left to right: Susan Bucks (Team Coordinator), Scott Buckfelder, Ben Maser, Aaron Wolf, and Ian Mathias

Mechanicsburg High School won Hershey Foods' second challenge, involving packaging of two-pound chocolate moulds.

Left to right: Casey Schneider, Tracey Perry, William Murray (Team Coordinator-not in photo)

PPL Corporation's first problem dealt with use of bioenergy instead of fossil fuels; the winning team for this problem came from Palmyra High School.

Left to right: Larry Sparta (PPL), Phil Keiter, Brandon Aldinger, Matt Brockmeyer, Amanda Hitz,
Marissa Chesney, Ashley Knipe (missing from photo), Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt, Susan Bucks (Team Coordinator)

The team from Wallenpaupack High School placed first in PPL's second problem which involved redesigning their website following certain parameters.

Left to right: Larry Sparta (PPL), Gene Shultz (Team Coordinator), Steve Wanamaker, William Sanquilly,
Michael Schaffer, Emily Dunsmore, Wesley Siepiela, Allison Carrier (missing from photo), Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Corporation posed the problem of retaining employees throughout HersheyPark's season, and the team from Huntingdon High School submitted the winning solution.

Winners include: Keveney Stroup, Danielle Swanger, Sylvia Kurtz (Team Coordinator).

Finally, epix Internet Services put forth the challenge of providing free PCs or free online access to customers; this problem was successfully addressed by Louis E. Dieruff High School in Allentown.

Winners include: Kyle Burke, Timothy Danner, Myron Yoder (Team Coordinator)
(Photo not available)

The team from Hazleton High School placed first in epix's second problem which asked students to develop a plan for providing gaming services for their customers.

Left to right: Ned Shalanski, A.J. Klatch and Teddy Ferdinand
Stephen Hametz and Michele Leitner (Team Coordinators-not pictured)
(photo courtesy of the Hazleton Standard-Speaker)

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