Hershey Foods : Problem #1

Determine a cost effective way to package and protect Hershey gift items considering current labor cost and potential appearance enhancement.

First Place : Palmyra High School - Palmyra, PA

Left to right: Bryce Remsburg, Adam Black, Matt Brockmeyer, Ben Maser, Maureen Ward, Susan Bucks (team coordinator - not pictured)

Second Place : Harrison Middle School - Pittsburgh, PA

Connor Norwalk, Amy Grubb

Third Place : Dieruff High School - Allentown, PA

Left to right: Lindsay Myers, Jenn Nunnemacher, Lisa Plessl, Nick Miller

Fourth Place: Elgin West Elementary - LaRue, OH

Left to right: Paul Mount, Sara Bentley, Lindsay Baker, Nikki Boblenz, Cameron Wolf

Hershey Foods : Problem #2

Determine an optimal method of mixing, handling and filling Hershey chocolate products into retail mail order containers.

First Place : Dieruff High School - Allentown, PA

Left to right: Nathan Brown, Drew Tilton, Gregory Goletz, Lucy Safi, Dan Fuller

Second Place : Elgin South Elementary - Prospect, OH

Left to right: Lauren Shults, Brittini Littell, Rachel Rose, Molly Creamer

StudyAbroad.com Challenge #1

With an annual budget of $100,000, develop a marketing plan for Studyabroad.com that will effectively reach America's high school student population, with the goal of driving traffic to our web site that contains information about international education. This plan should reflect direct expenditures (printing, mailing, purchasing advertising) as well as personnel costs. Do include estimates of time spent by the following job titles: Management ($125/hr.), Advertising Services (Media/Service Buying, Content creation) ($65/hr.) and Support (mailing, telemarketing, etc.) ($30/hr.)

First Place : Palmyra High School : Palmyra, PA

Left to right: Lori Faunce, Mark Shay (Studyabroad.com President), Jenna Galloway, Chelsea Stoner, Emily McCurdy, Susan Bucks (team coordinator), Kelly Cowan

StudyAbroad.com Challenge #2

Students are eager consumers of technology and are looking for more advanced means to find, analyze and select further educational opportunities. Propose a new product or service for our company that addresses the needs of a student seeking further education. It should complement our existing array of services that serve the higher education market, capitalizing on our position and reputation within this community.

First Place : Palmyra High School - Palmyra, PA

Left to right: Left to right: Lori Faunce, Mark Shay (Studyabroad.com President), Marc Paveglio, Andrew Light, Richie Saing, Bradley Martin, Susan Bucks (Team Coordinator)

McCarl's Inc. Challenge

As part of PPL's continuing improvement of their employees and operations, McCarlÍs Inc. has designed and implemented the McCarl Way¨ University, an in-house training program. PPL must constantly look for new and creative ways to conduct training. Considering the current technology available, PPL is looking at the possibility of Web based training. PPL is looking to get the best training for all employees in the most cost-effective manner. The problem is (1) whether or not to utilize Web based training and (2) which courses could be conducted effectively by using this method of training.

First Place : Hazleton Area High School - Hazleton, PA

Left to right: Michelle Leitner (PPL Judge), Jane Coyle (Team Coordinator), Ned Shalanski, AJ Klatch, Ted Ferdinand, Stephen Hametz (Team Coordinator), Linda Brady (PPL Judge), Bob Sproesser (PPL Judge)

PPL Challenge #2

Determine how lime-stabilized dry fly ash can be used beneficially in the local communities and how it can be marketed.

First Place : Palmyra High School - Palmyra, PA

Left to right: Lauren Keil, Lynn Thomas (PPL Judge),Susan Bucks (team coordinator), Brandon Aldinger,
Jessie Eagleton, Matt Brockmeyer, Kari Iskowitz, Andy Spear (PPL Judge), Dr. Dan Holt

Mansfield News-Journal Challenge

Develop method by which the News Journal can profitably dispose of wooden shipping pallets or at least reduce the cost of the disposal.

First Place : Johnsonville Elementary - Ohio

Left to Right: Justin Hershberger, Ryan Langer, Katie Bosh, Kate Kimes

Note: There were no winners for PPL Problem #1, FirstEnergy Problems #1, #2, and #3, and for Bookmasters Inc.

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