2002 Winning Teams !
There were teams from eight (8) states represented in this competition.  We hope there will be teams from all 50 states in the next competition!
Congratulations to all.

The Challenge:
Recommend how HERSHEY Direct can better utilize its Internet site to generate more sales during the holiday and non-holiday periods by providing the viewer with a unique and fun reason to purchase HERSHEY’S Gifts for all their gift-giving needs.
                                                                          FIRST PLACE
                                                                                           Hazleton High School, Hazleton, PA
                                                                                                          Coordinator: Stephen Hametz (on far right)
                                                                                  Teddy Ferdinand (12), A.J. Klatch (12), Ned Shalanski (12)

Palmyra High School, Palmyra, PA
Coordinator: Susan Bucks (center)
Diana Robinson (11), Johanna Teske (10), Amy Ko (10),
Bradley Martin (11), Marc Paveglio (11)
                                                                          THIRD PLACE
                                                                                           Wallenpaupack Area High School, Hawley, PA
                                                                                          Coordinator: Gene Shultz (not pictured)
                                                                          Timothy Rixner (12), Corey Kosydar (10), Ruthanna Williams(10),
                                                                            Steven Wanamaker (12), Amy Rae (11), Claire Wildermuth (10)

Southern York Middle School, Glen Rock, PA
Coordinator: Mandy Haugh (5th from left)
David Miles (8), Kristen Serafin (8), Molly Fanning (8),
Amy Furman (8), Brittany Miller (8)
                                                                FIFTH PLACE
                                                                                         North Eugene High School, Lane, Oregon
                                                                                         Coordinator: Bill Temple (far left)
                                                                            Jenifer Morrison (12), Diana Gamboa (12), Joshua Kagi (12),
                                                                       Wes Gunderson (12-not pictured), Jolene Drake (12-not pictured)

Hunt-Mapp Middle School, Portsmouth, VA
Coordinator: Jerald Griffin (far left)
Ashley Taylor (6), Amber Castor (6), Nicholas Bonadies (6)

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PPL Challenge #1

Create an overall strategy (business plan) for exchanging knowledge between the experienced and the new generation of engineers.
First Place

Tyl Middle School, Oakdale, CT
Coordinator:  Patricia Emmons (2nd from left)
Jun Jing Zhu (7), Alyssa Lozupone (7), Patricia Sandoval (7), David Lozupone
                                                                   Second Place

                                                                    Palmyra High School, Palmyra, PA
                                                                                                Coordinator: Susan Bucks (not pictured)
                                                                            Larry Sparta (PPL),Calley Grace (10), Jenna Galloway (12),
                                                                              Louis Florilla (11), Lauren Aldinger (10), LaVerne Blanks (PPL)
PPL Challenge #2

Determine the most practical means of dealing with the silt and sediment accumulations within the Holtwood reservoir.
First Place

Palmyra High School, Palmyra, PA
Coordinator: Judi Iskowitz (not pictured)
Kari Iskowitz (12), Larry Sparta (PPL), Sarah Steely (12),
Rachael Phillips (11), Lauren Keil (12), Andrew Peiffer (12),
Ryan Martin (10), LaVerne Blanks (PPL)
                                                                        Second Place

                                                                Hershey Middle School, Hershey, PA
                                                                                        Coordinator: Kimberly Pegher (2nd from right)
                                                                              Zach Gershenson (6), Larry Sparta (PPL), Chase Brownell (6),
                                                                                Michael Wiley (6), Tom Dimmock (6), Brydon Lidle (6),
                                                                                                            LaVerne Blanks (PPL)
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Define the ideal components that comprise a post-secondary education experience for U.S. students.  Discuss both traditional and non-traditional components.  Explain why each would be ideal and predict the likelihood of mainstream acceptance.
First Place

Palmyra High School, Palmyra, PA
Coordinator: Susan Bucks (not pictured)
Chelsea Stoner (12), Brent Pertusie (12), Jenna Galloway (12), Lori Faunce (StudyAbroad.com),
Emily McCurdy (12-not pictured), Kelly Cowan (12-not pictured)


Outline and describe effective way(s) for Studyabroad.com to differentiate the U.S. and non-U.S. markets and identify, analyze and discover ways in which to serve the needs of each market.

(There was no winning entry for StudyAbroad.com Challenge #2)

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