Hershey’s LGR Challenge 2007/2008

“How can The Hershey Company measure and reduce/offset its current CO2 footprint?"


Background:  How can The Hershey Company measure and reduce/offset its current CO2 footprint in areas such as sourcing, manufacturing, operations and distribution? Suggested areas to explore include:


·         Conservation/Reduction (e.g., Facility energy, lower emission fuels, efficient vehicles, products that are lighter to transport due to reduced packaging/weight, localizing procurement, supply chain distances)

·         Renewable Energy/Fuels (e.g., Purchasing and generation of renewable energy & alternative fuels)

·         Purchasing “Offsets” (e.g., Planting trees to account for CO2. Purchasing renewable energy credits if utility does not sell "green" energy.)


More Information:  The Hershey Company consumer website, hersheys.com. The Hershey Company corporate website, thehersheycompany.com.  Inconvenient Truth: climatecrisis.net. Business for Social Responsibility: bsr.org. Carbon Fund: carbonfund.org. Ceres: ceres.org. Investor Network on Climate Risk: incr.com. Pew Center on Climate Change: pewclimate.org.

The Hershey Company Challenge Schedule and Procedures:

Step #1: Registration Forms Submittal (also complete typed proposal electronic submittal instructions, below) — Be sure to view the rules, registration and forms. You must submit completed registration forms and contract forms for The Hershey Company Challenge via US postal mail to:


Let's Get Real
624 Waltonville Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036
January 25, 2008


Step #2: Typed Proposal Electronic Submittal (also complete registration forms submittal instructions, above) — You must submit your typed proposal for The Hershey Company Challenge in acceptable electronic format* via e-mail to:

Joni Pfautz

AND a Copy to: LGR@epix.net
January 25, 2008


*Acceptable electronic formats for your typed proposal are: Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt), or simple text file (.txt). If separate graphics or scanned images are included, they should be in gif, jpg, or jpeg format.

Step #3: Oral Finals Notification — If your solution is selected as a finalist, your team coordinator will be notified by February 22, 2008 that your team has been chosen to present your solution at the oral finals. The finals will be held at The Hershey Company Corporate Headquarters, 100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey PA. Date to be announced.

NOTE: ONLY finalist student team members and their adult team coordinator are invited to attend the oral presentation finals at The Hershey Company Corporate Headquarters. The Hershey Company is not prepared to host student family members or additional school faculty at this facility. Please visit www.HersheyPA.com to view current events and attractions available to the public in the Hershey area.