October 8, 2001

Dear Dan:

It’s been a pleasure to get to know the LET’S GET REAL program.  The creativity of your undertaking is wonderful.

LET’S GET REAL provides an important link in comprehensive services to talented youth.  It is unique in its collaboration with scientists, engineers and economists from the business and industrial communities.  As such it offers students a fascinating window into the real problems that face companies and businesses in 21st century America.  The problems presented by the companies with which LET’S GET REAL collaborates were highly interesting to me as a non-specialist.  Undoubtedly, talented learners will find them truly intriguing.  In addition to http://www.bookmasters.com/ a wide range of topics, the problems provided by your collaborating companies have the additional merit of curricular depth.  It was a pleasure to see something capable learners could really sink their teeth into.

Congratulations on your excellent endeavor!  Both teachers and students will thank you for it.

Ann Robinson, Director
Center for Gifted Education
University of Arkansas at Little Rock