Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property.
Every team member must read, sign, and submit with the entry form the following:

All ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and other information submitted by each contestant in this competition ("Contestant"), including rights to any patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property ("Developments"), shall be and become the joint property of Contestant and the corporate sponsor of the particular contest problem for which the submission is made ("Sponsor"), and Sponsor shall be free to use such Developments in its business without further compensation to Contestant. Sponsor is under no obligation to keep information relating to such Developments confidential.

Contestant hereby assigns to Sponsor an undivided joint interest in all Developments. Sponsor shall also have an option to exclusively license Contestant's rights to any such Developments subject, however, to good faith negotiation and mutual agreement to the terms and conditions of such exclusive arrangement. Contestant shall cooperate with Sponsor in the preparation and pursuit of applications of intellectual property rights relating to any Developments. Submission of this entry form also constitutes permission to use Contestant's name and likeness for publicity purposes without additional compensation to Contestant.

Contestant acknowledges that he or she has carefully read and understands all of the above terms and conditions and voluntarily submits this entry form subject to such terms and conditions. By their signature below, Contestant and Contestant's parent or guardian agrees to be legally bound to such terms and conditions:

Date                       Contestant Signature                                                 Parent or Guardian Signature

1. ___________      _______________________________       ___________________________

2. ___________      _______________________________       ___________________________

3. ___________      _______________________________        ___________________________

4. ___________      _______________________________        ___________________________

5. ___________      _______________________________         ___________________________

6. ___________      _______________________________         ___________________________

Name of adult coordinator___________________________
Sponsor of Problem and # ___________________________

This form may be printed off this web site and copied as many times as necessary.  It is appreciated if all signatures are on one form, but if necessary you can send in separate sheets with signatures from the parents/students of each member of the team. Make sure that ALL signatures are sent in with the entries.

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Please send ALL completed forms and solutions to:

Let's Get Real
624 Waltonville Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036

by or before the deadline stated for the specific challenge.

For information about the contest or the problems, contact:
our State Coordinator or Program Coordinator.