Some extra fun photos of the finals.

Here are some from Hershey Foods...

The judges were really involved.    Oh...what a tangled web we weave   Taking a short break between

Everyone had a great lunch        Dr. Holt thanked Larry Campbell         Krista Cessna made it all work

Terrific tour of HersheyGifts   Everyone had the look that was in    Yes, those are stacks of chocolate

Writing with chocolate       A final look at the operations        Everyone received 5lbs of Hershey

Great scenes from PPL...

Everyone is getting ready...            Mr. Larry Sparta was our host           The judges had a hard job

Planning strategies....                 After presentations..lunch!                Even the judges ate

The Connecticut connection          Palmyra High was taking it easy             Now Boys!! final scenes...

Judges take an active role                  Mark Shay, President                 Relaxed but professional

Everyone listened when she spoke       It feels great to win!       In the van on the road home

Hopefully you can see yourself in the picture next time!!
   Stay tuned for more challenges!!!!!

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