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What’s New with Let’s Get Real?

For the first time in over 15 years I have bad news…we have no sponsors this year so we have no challenges other than to


$100 Reward Challenge!

Let’s Get Real™ is offering a $100 reward to any individual that brings a new sponsor to Let’s Get Real! There will not be a “finals” as with the other challenges. The reward will be paid upon receipt of the new sponsors challenge support donation. Find out more about the $100 reward challenge!

Last year’s winning teams are below:

Please click here to go to the 2007-2008 Visteon Challenges

Winning team for the 2007-2008 Visteon Challenge
                           Wallenpaupack High School in Hawley, PA
Andrew Bascom (12 grade), Phillip Stack (9) and
Mr. Ray Yoder (back to us) Robotics Engineer with Visteon
and Visteon Let’s Get Real Coordinator

          Please click here to go to the 2007-2008 PPL Challenge

                   Winning team for the 2007-2008 PPL Challenge
                  Palmyra High School in Palmyra, PA
(L to R) Meg Welker, PPL Education Relations Director & LGR Coordinator;
Jim Nulton, PPL Regional Community Relations Director; A. J. Thomas (11th);
Jill Broderic, Team Coordinator; Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt, PA State LGR Coordinator; Amanda Williams (10th); Lauren Brugger (12th); and Kevin Keller (12th) not in photo.

Please click here to go to the 2007-2008 Hershey Challenge

Winning Teams for Hershey Let’s Get Real competition
Congratulations to all !!

First Place
 (Note: only one point separated first and second place)
Wallenpaupack High School, Hawley, PA
(L to R) Brooke Wilkens (10); Emily Silsby (12); Briana Wilkens (12); Grace Wildermuth (10)

Second Place
Middlesex County Academy, Edison, NJ
James McCormick (LGR Coordinator); Candice Liao (11); Yashshree Shah (11); Saahithi Karuturi (11); Judy Park (11)

Third Place
Hazelton High School, Hazelton, PA
Adrian Smith (12); Drew Samoyedny (12); Joseph Tombasco (12-not pictured);
Stephen Hametz (LGR Coordinator)

Fourth Place
Cinnaminson Middle School, Cinnaminson, NJ
Garwood Bacon (LGR Coordinator); Christine Urban (8); Alicia Ireland (8); Brittany Wun (8);
Khushbu Patel (8); Carolyn Urban (8)

And if anyone knows of a possible new sponsor PLEASE have them contact
Dr. Dan Holt as soon as possible.

So, What is Let’s Get Real?

An International Academic Competition

Let’s Get Real™ is an academic competition and an opportunity for teams of students to gain experience working on real business challenges. Corporate sponsors supply real challenges for which teams submit solutions in business format. Each team chooses from the list of challenges the one(s) it finds most interesting. Challenges might include areas such as environmental issues, manufacturing, distribution, engineering, software creation, human resources, health and safety, facilities design, public relations, or any other areas deemed important to the corporations involved.  There is NO entry fee for teams.

Mission Statement

Let’s Get Real™ seeks to provide all students with opportunities to reach their full potential through innovative and creative educational activities. In working to establish non-traditional, “out of the box” opportunities we are addressing student transition from the four walls of the classroom to the realities of corporate America. In addition, we are putting corporate America in touch with an untapped resource for solving problems with which they are faced.

 Let’s Get Real™ is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. 

The essence of high level learning is providing young people with the opportunity to apply their interests, experiences, and accumulated knowledge to real world situations. It is through such application that truly advanced growth takes place. The Let’s Get Real program is a perfect example of situations where direct involvement with challenging problems has produced remarkable growth in problem solving skills, creativity, cooperativeness, and the kinds of motivation necessary for success in all walks of life.

— Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli 




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