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The following are some letters we have received from various participants in the Let's Get Real™ program.   They are from students, corporate sponsors, teachers, and  other educators.  In addition, there are some news and journal articles cited for your examination.  We hope they will give you better insight as to the nature of theLet's Get Real™ program and you will decide to join us in providing a challenging, motivating, and fun learning experience for all students in grades 6 through 12. To save download time, please follow the blue links to view.

Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli
Director, National Research Center For Gifted Education
Professor of Education, University of Connecticut

"The essence of high-level learning is providing young people with the opportunity to apply their interests, experiences, and accumulated knowledge to real world situations. It is through such application that truly advanced growth takes place. The Let's Get Real program is a perfect example of situations where direct involvement with challenging problems has produced remarkable growth in problem solving skills, creativity, cooperativeness, and the kinds of motivation necessary for success in all walks of life."

Sally M. Reis, Ph.D.
Past President, The National Association for Gifted Children
Professor of Education, University of Connecticut

"I am an enthusiastic supporter of Let's Get Real!!  This innovative program provides outstanding possibilities for students to work with real problems, experience interdisciplinary projects, as well as participate in teams with other students of similar interests.  I applaud the notion of using authentic assessment and hope that more students will be able to experience this outstanding learning experience in the future."

Dr. Ann Robinson
Director, Center for Gifted Education
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Email message from Karen Warfel, Judge for Visteon Finals, May, 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in yesterday's event.  It was refreshing and impressive to meet students with a flare for solving problems.  The students were creative and enthusiastic about the challenge that was presented.   It was great to participate is something so constructive.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Karen L. Warfel
Visteon Automotive Systems LLC, Manufacturing Process Engineer
Hybrid Electronic Products
Phone:  (610)584-7050   Fax:  (610) 584-7468   Pager:  (610) 464-0329

Mark Shay
President and CEO
A corporate sponsor for Let’s Get Real

"Studyabroad.com was quite impressed with the winning teams from the Let’s Get Real contest.  The groups showed a keen interest in our business and tried very hard to grasp the concepts behind our operations and apply them to the question.  We liked the fact that they contacted other businesses and organizations to investigate solutions.  Their written solution was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, which was inventive, but the real value of the exercise was the oral presentation.  Having the finalists visit our office and meet with our judging panel was better than any possible focus group.  We were able to discuss their ideas and help expand on their solution in ways that prepared presentations couldn’t.  Our problem was real, their solution turned out to be real good.  Our “investment” in the Let’s Get Real competition paid dividends."

Charles Duncan, Hershey Foods Corp. - 4/20/00

Larry Sparta, PPL - 7/11/00

Myron Yoder, Allentown H.S. - 4/19/00

The following are two letters of appreciation from Ms. Susan Bucks, Gifted Coordinator at Palmyra High School, Palmyra, PA

"Thanks again, Dan, Larry, Andy, Chris, and all others from PPL for another wonderful academic experience.   PPL had two very challenging, viable issues this year.  We especially appreciate all the judges and the time that they take from their busy schedules to not only listen to the students' ideas, but also to make them feel appreciated for their efforts. PHS students love LGR and can't wait for the problems to appear in the fall.
Have a beautiful spring!"

"Thanks...for the opportunity that Hershey Foods offers students through LGR.  There are so few truly applicable, viable academic challenges outside the classroom environment that we teachers appreciate those of you who do make the effort to bring education alive for our students. Again, thanks to Hershey and LGR for another fantastic experience."

Aaron Wolf
Senior and team member for the 1999-2000 competition.

"Every year I look forward to it. It is a great way for students to gain real life experiences during high school. Because of Let's Get Real, my presentation skills have improved. The long hours of hard work, as well as the pressure, always pay off. It's well worth the effort as you're standing there presenting."

Eugene Shultz, Wallenpaupack H.S. - 5/25/00

Sylvia Kurtz, Huntingdon H.S. - 4/19/00

William Murray, Mechanicsburg H.S. - Undated

Scott Buckfelder
Senior and team member for the 1999-2000 competition.

"Let's Get Real has not only enhanced, polished, and put to the test many skills I learned in school, but more importantly, it has developed and refined my skills in areas such as presentations and use of multi-media."

Articles on Let's Get Real:

Gifted Child Today,  Spring, 2001, Vol. 24 (2).
Let’s Get Real! Practical Solutions 
  to Real Business Problems.

Phi Delta KAPPAN, November, 2000, Vol. 82 (3).
Let’s Get Real: Students
  Solving Authentic Corporate Problems.

Journal, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, 2001.
 Let’s Get Real: An  innovative problem-based learning program.

Gifted Education Press Quarterly, Winter, 2000.
Let’s Get Real:  An Innovative Problem
  Based Learning Program.

PPL Newsletter - Undated

Barbara Miller, Patriot News - 3/30/00



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