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Our website, Licences Geriatric Resources For Education And Learning (LGREAL.ORG), aims to provide information for people who are interested to work in the geriatric field and educate themselves about the work with elderly patients.

What is Geriatrics?

Geriatrics is a sub category in the medical field that deals with health care for the elderly people. The field differs from rest of adult medicine because it focuses on the needs of those who are 65 years or older.

Due to the increase in the life expectancy the age for the geriatric medicine is not strictly defined. However one can say that in general it deals with all the care issues that are normally associated with elderly patients (like lack of mobility and decrease in mental capabilities including memory related illnesses).

Geriatric care is normally offered in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you would like to know more about geriatric nursing programs and classes visit this website!

How To Get Into Geriatric Medicine?

By far the most common way to enter into this field is to become a CNA or certified nursing assistant. They are the primary caregivers in nursing homes across the country and deal with elderly patients daily. In many states it is required by law that a nursing assistant is in fact certified to work in geriatric field (nursing home).

One should see CNA career as a stepping stone into this field, as it is possible for all CNAs to become nurses one day if they continue their studies.

When you are looking for CNA classes near you, please keep in mind that CNA is not a degree, it is a job title. This means that your degree program will be called something like “Nursing Assisting”, “Medical Assisting”, “Nursing” etc.

Once you have a nursing degree you will be able to take a CNA certification exam which makes you qualified to work as a CNA.

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